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Why 200 Foot Zip Line Kits Trump Them All

and why I like disc seats and not harnesses.

When it comes to buying a backyard zip line kit in my opinion the R200 Zip Line kit by Alien Flier trumps them all, you can pick one of these up at Zip Line Stop for pretty cheap and the quality is high. It has everything you could possibly need to set up a backyard zip line in under a half an hour. I like the R200 because it comes with a disc seat, the disc seat is convenient because the rider is able to mount and dismount the ride easily. In comparison to the H200 Zip Line Kit which includes a zip line with harness, I think it's just easier. Recently I went on a zip line in Myrtle Beach, SC which was a 500 foot zip line. Although the zip line trolley looked kind of sketchy compared to what I'm used to seeing I still went on it. This was my first experience with actually being harnessed in. It wasn't to bad except the trolley didn't have handles on it so I was spun backwards and had to ride the entirety of the 500 feet...backwards. Not too much fun. Yet one more reason the Alien Flier series zip lines, especially the R200 200 foot zip line is great, is because it includes the X2 trolley which has HANDLES. I'm telling you if you can't hold onto the zip line trolley you are going to spin around on the rope. In looking back I guess the harness wasn't too bad, I was able to easily step in and out of it before quickly latching it to get on the ride. I guess I just really appreciate something solid to sit on!

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