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    In this blog I will explore some of the best backyard zip lines, the best parts and where to buy them for cheap. When it comes to buying a zip line for your backyard you can't sacrifice quality, especially if your kids are going to be riding it. The website that I recommend the most is Zip Line Stop. Their prices are competitive and their site is easy to navigate. They have clear descriptions of their products which makes it easier for a first time buyer to decide on which zip line to buy. If you have younger children I would recommend going with a 75' or 100' zip line kit. These kits are designed to offer a shorter ride which might not be as intimidating for a younger rider. For older kids say 6 and up there are 150' and 200 foot zip lines to fulfill their need for speed. All of the zip line kits come with all of the necessary parts and accessories needed to set your zip line up in about under 30 minutes. All of the safety features are also included for example the braking blocks and the bungee cord for slowing the rider. If you're super worried about safety you could install a secondary braking system on your backyard zip line. One of the best out there is the ZLP Spring Stop. It coils over top of the zip line cable and works essentially as a spring to push the rider back to the lowest point of the ride so that they are able to dismount safely. There are a couple good blog reads on www.backyardziplinequestions.com and also some information on installing zip lines on tree houses which is always fun.


    Good luck on your quest to find the best zip line for you and your family!

    When it comes to buying a backyard zip line kit in my opinion the R200 Zip Line kit by Alien Flier trumps them all, you can pick one of these up at Zip Line Stop for pretty cheap and the quality is high. It has everything you could possibly need to set up a backyard zip line in under a half an...
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